3D Laser Scanning Survey – A Modern Marvel

Lasers have been a common aspect of everyday life – from legendary battles in sci-fi movies like Star Wars in Entertainment Industry and to helpful operations in different industries. Although the technology has been a bit stagnant in boosting up the construction industry, 3D laser scanning is becoming essential on sites around the world quickly.

A laser scan survey is a fast and accurate way of capturing the spatial detail of an existing building in 3D. Surveyors use high tech high-definition laser scanners to capture this information.

3D laser scanning survey is also known as High-Definition Surveying (HDS) or as reality capture, which is a method of using a laser to map a specific project site or an area with high accuracy.

Laser scanning surveys are used by construction design teams to capture specific geometric data for projects and models, to facilitate the Building Information Modelling- BIM.

While researching the potential of the technology if you are still not using laser scanning in your projects, it should be considered. Because every professional in the construction field will benefit from this breakthrough technology which is evolving.

Laser scanning isn’t something new, but started to gain genuine interest in the construction industry few years ago and the demand for 3D laser scanning rapidly increased and is a fast growing technology.

Closer Look at the 3D Laser Scanning

Using a line of laser light, 3D Laser scanning survey is a non-contact, technology that digitally collects the shape of a physical object’s explicit size to create “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object and with the help of a computer program creates a digital 3-dimensional representation.

3D Laser scanning survey data is used at various stages of the construction process, re-construction, during construction and post-construction.

Types of 3D Laser Scanners

Pulse based scanners

Phase based scanners

Benefits of using 3D Laser Scanning Survey

  • Improves efficiency and quality.

Highly accurate and efficient 3D laser scanning allows construction professionals to take detailing and planning to a whole new level.

  • Delivers immediate information.

Could be performed easily and accessed easily. Laser scans improve operations thereby increase productivity.

  • Systemizes and streamlines work.

Far more quicker, than other conventional methods of project mapping which may sometimes take up to weeks.

  • Cost effectiveness

Increase profitability on a project.

  • Reduced manual labour.

Strenuous and prone to human error manual labour can be less effective.

3D laser scanning can also be used along with conventional style surveying equipment or as a complete substitute. Laser scanners can record data faster and more accurately than traditional methods. It provides comprehensive survey producing point clouds for Building Information Modelling- BIM. It is acceptable for a range of project sectors including heritage and historical programmes. Laser scanning is a perfect solution for sites that are in relatively inaccessible, hazardous or in confined access areas where traditional survey methods can be unsafe, also CAD software and other analysing systems can also use the data when necessary.3D laser scanning has improved the accuracy and finesse of construction industry and is continuing to contribute to enhance and facilitate the end goal of creating a great project.


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