4 Effective Ways to Make a Studio Apartment Look Spacious

Studio apartments are relatively small and have a kitchenette, living room and bedroom all combined in one large room. Decorating one needs careful planning and for a person doing it for the first time, it can be daunting. One of the main factors to consider is to make sure you give each and every inch of the space a purpose and make good use of it. Although small areas are tricky to work with, you can use simple tricks such as utilizing multi-purpose furniture to make the area look spacious. If you like minimalistic styles, then decorating a small apartment may be just the thing you would like to undertake.

Making Use of Furniture to Divide Into Sub-Rooms

The main room of the studio apartment is subdivided into 3 spaces which are the living room, bedroom and the kitchen. It is in this space that you will need to separate the three rooms using various innovative ideas and options. For example, the living room can be separated from the bedroom by adding couches, armchairs and tall lamps to ensure that the living room is “boxed” off from the rest of the rooms. To make the living area more homely and inviting if a guest comes in, you can include photo frames made by Picture Framers Melbourne, flower vases, or even a magazine rack for them to look  occupied. Furthermore, rugs and coffee tables can make sub-rooms feel tidier and organized by acting as an anchor to the apartment furniture.

Making the Bedroom

Since you have to play around with the little space that is available; keep in mind to always place the bed either parallel or perpendicular to the wall. If you keep your bed in the centre or with lots of space around it, it will make the space look cramped and cluttered. In addition, you can consider investing in a pull-out bed if you are really cramped for space. A low-rise bed without a frame also gives the illusion of space because it prevents your bed from blocking light, obstructing windows and extra space.

Storage Space

When it comes to storage space, everyone needs it no matter how small the space they live in. But when you are limited on spacing it is important to get storage units or shelving that is tall and thin and does not take up too much floor space. Think vertical when it comes to storage. You can store a great deal of belonging on these types of storage units, even ones that reach the ceiling if you prefer it that way. Moreover, these can be used as great separators to separate your bedroom from your living space too!

Use of Movable Dividers

Dividers are incorporated to separate a room in a studio apartment or any space that needs a clear boundary from the adjoining space. For example, a folding screen or a moveable divider can be used to separate the sleeping area if a guest comes over ensuring privacy. You can fold them and roll it behind a cupboard or under the bed when not in use.


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