4 Essential Tips for Construction Managers

Construction managers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Whether a project involves carrying out some renovations on an old house or planning and building a skyscraper, there’s always a plethora of things to attend to. Construction managers are like the glue that holds the different aspect of a project together. They have to make sure all the materials are sourced, workers are performing their duties efficiently, the machines are functioning property, all health codes are adhered to…etc.

If you’re newbie manager, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the job. However, it certainly does get better as you put in the time and gain more experience. If you want to speed up that process, we recommend you go through the following tips:

Make a Habit of Planning Ahead

You’re pretty much guaranteeing the failure of a construction project if you don’t plan beforehand. Without a proper strategy in place you won’t be ready to take on the obstacles that are undoubtedly going to arise in the future. For instance, your equipment may malfunction or a significant portion of your crew may decide to quit halfway through the project. How are you going to deal with such issues if you aren’t adequately prepared?

In addition, you should always revise your plan when new information comes in. Suppose the cost of materials increase and there’s no way to get more money from the client to cover it. In that case, you’ll need to re-strategize and make your work more cost-effective.

Make Use of Technology

Why walk when you can drive a car? If you’re not using all of the advanced tools that builders have at their disposal today, then you’re not working as efficiently as you could be. For instance, a lot of construction managers nowadays make use of digital tools like Buildxact cost estimating software. This software in particular helps you come up with a cost estimate with hardly any effort from your end.

Work On Your Communication Skills

As a construction manager you’ll be dealing with many different parties each and every day. To start with, you may have to communicate with the client and update them on the progress of the project. You’ll have to constantly give updates to your superiors as well and inform them of any problems as soon as they occur. However, most of all, you’ll be communicating with your crew, who are most likely a diverse group with different cultural and/or economic backgrounds.

Manage Your Time Effectively

For construction managers time is the most valuable resource there is. It’s what determines things like productivity, efficiency and profitability. It’s your job to get things done as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. This of course, takes a lot of strategizing and lots of communication with all parties involved.

If you don’t learn how to manage your time, the work can pile up on you. At a later date, you’ll find yourself struggling to get all of it completed before the deadline.

And that’s four tips which we firmly believe every construction manager should put to practice on the daily. By planning ahead, making use of the tools available, communicating effectively and managing your time, no project will get the better of you.


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