5 Common Mistakes Made During Door Installations

A door installation might seem like a simple enough task but there are myriad of things that can go wrong. If you have plenty of prior DIY experience you may be able to breeze through the process, but for the complete amateur, things are a bit more difficult.

If you fit in the latter category, don’t worry because we’re here to help. The first step towards avoiding mistakes is to know what they are. In this article we will cover the commonest ones that occur:

Not Checking Whether the Wall Is In Level

It’s an amateur mistake to always assume that your walls are in level. Sometimes, they can be out of plumb. Hence, if you install your door parallel to the wall, the door itself may not be level. As a result, it may tend to swing open or close on its own.

In other cases, it may be the door frame that’s out of plumb. The solution to this is obviously getting it adjusted so that there’s an equal reveal on either side of the door.

If the walls on either side of the opening are not parallel with each other, you’ll need to install the door using shims.

Not Using the Correct Hinge Screws

Typically you have to use the 3 ½” screws for doors. If the screws are too small, the door can shift around after sometime, possibly scraping your floor in the process. Furthermore, a door installed with smaller screws may not shut completely.

Another common mistake is tightening the screws more than necessary. This will cause some parts of the door to experience more tension that others, leading to warping of the structure.

Improperly Installing Shims

As a general rule, the thicker portion of the shim should be positioned so that it faces the hinge pin of the door. Why? Because it helps the door shut completely. If you install the thin end of the shim in that position instead, the door will show some resistance.

Not Using the Correct Handles

Granted, this is mostly an aesthetic issue but an important one, nevertheless. The type of handle you use can make or break the overall look that you’re going for with your home. Hence it’s not a good idea to have a mix.

Additionally, it might be hard for any wheelchair-ridden people to work door knobs. In that case, levers are more appropriate. Finding the best quality handles is very easy. Simply fire up your browser and search for ‘door handles near me’. Look through the top results and you’ll find a reliable local retailer.

Not Inspecting the Reveals

The reveals are the small gaps between the door frame and the door. During the process of screwing in your door, it’s highly recommended that you check that reveals are even using an appropriate tool like a flat-headed screwdriver.

Uneven reveals are actually the commonest cause for warped doors. This is because they cause pressure to build up in certain parts of the door and when the moisture levels, the shape will begin to shift. On the other hand, if your reveals are even, the spread of tension will be even throughout the door.

Now that you’re aware of the commonest door installation mistakes, you’ll be better at avoiding them. If there’s a complicated issue that you can’t handle yourself, we highly recommend that you hire an expert to help you.


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