5 Things to Consider When Buying Horse Clippers

There are so many horse clippers on the market that you might get intimidated. Everything to help you find the best ones is discussed below. Read ahead.

Brand Name

Different brands charge different prices for their clippers. Brands that have been around for a while are the most worth your time. Don’t be stingy. If you buy a very cheap clipper, it’d likely not work that well.

You can go through reviews to see which brands are the most reliable. You don’t want what you just bought to break down soon, now do you? A good-quality clipper is supposed to last for years.

Depending on the brand you’re buying from, the selection of clippers you’ll get would vary. You’ll appreciate buying from a company that has a large selection.


Horse clippers are categorized into light, medium, and heavy-duty. Trimmers are available too – they’re suited for smaller jobs, like tidying up a horse’s whiskers. Trimmers can’t be used to clip the whole animal.

You might think that the wattage of the clipper would tell you how powerful it’d be. But this is not true. You can only see how powerful it would be from whether it’s light, medium,or heavy-duty or not.

A light-duty clipper can be used on 1-2 short-haired horses. The machines don’t make noise when turned on, and they’re pretty light.

A medium-duty option can handle 1-5 horses. These clippers are big, but they’re still easy to manage.

A heavy-duty clipper is specifically for horses that have hair that is coarse. These machines are very powerful and usually have attachments that let you use them for sheep shearing. Yes, they make a lot of noise and are big. Your hands might get tired after using these clippers for a while.


To many, the appearance of their clipper isn’t important. However, you can pick the devices up in a range of colors and styles. Find one that you’d like using the most.


Let’s talk about how much you’d be spending again. Go for a clipper that’s second-hand if you don’t have much to spend. As mentioned, the brand you’re buying from would influence the price you’d have to pay. And the power of the machine would also affect costs.

Buying from online sellers would save the most cash. They don’t have overhead costs, so you can find high-quality horse clippers online for not much as a result.

Battery vs Mains

Many yards don’t have access to mains. You’d have to purchase battery-operated clippers then. Even if you have mains access, you might be better off purchasing battery-operated alternatives. Your horse may not like the sensation of the cable. The freedom of movement that battery-operated choices provide is an added bonus.

Just know that the machines with wires are more affordable than their wireless counterparts.

Let’s summarize. There’s quite a lot to consider if you’re thinking of purchasing horse clippers. Probably the most important would be the power of the machine. Go for one from a big brand to ensure what you pick up would be high-quality.


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