5 Types of Light Bulbs You Should Know About

Lighting is a very important factor whether it is your home or workplace because without proper lighting it would be quite daunting to fulfill daily tasks or even simply just relax with a comfortable level of lighting.You can find lighting in several forms and obtain light from various sources.

One such source is a light bulb. Although light from these bulbs is pretty artificial, they have always been useful for the requirement of lighting up a place.Listed below are the names of a few bulbs that can be used for any location. Continue reading to find out more details.

1. Incandescent bulbs

This is known to be the bulb that was developed by Thomas Alva Edison himself. This is typically made of glass with argon gas along with tungsten on the inside. So, the illumination occurs as a result of the current flowing through tungsten.Although this is not really energy efficient, it can still be used in areas like your bathroom vanity unit which consist of a mirror.

2. Halogen bulbs

These are an improvised version of incandescent bulbs due to the presence of tungsten filament in them. However, the tungsten in halogen bulbs lasts longer than the one found in incandescent bulbs. In addition, you can find iodine or bromine gas, or even both of them collectively known as halogen in these halogen bulbs.Even halogen bulbs are equally less energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, but it is affordable when compared to incandescent bulbs and lasts for a long time as well.

3. LED

This is an acronym that stands for light emitting diodes and is an electric element that emits light via electron movements present within a semiconducting device. There is no presence of a filament like in incandescent and halogen bulbs which makes it long-lasting by producing more light in an energy-efficient manner.

These are also present in solar lights in the form of an LED lamp. The benefits of solar street lights are many due to the presence of LED in them. One main advantage is they are environment friendly so they are safe to be installed on streets.

4. CFL

This stands for compact fluorescent light which is also another type of energy-efficient bulb normally used in workplaces and garages due to the bright light produced from it. CFL bulbs are also used in large spaces like bedrooms and kitchens as well.

These bulbs are affordable when compared to LED bulbs and long-lasting than incandescent bulbs; however, you need to be cautious when handling a broken CFL bulb as these bulbs contain a small amount of mercury in them.

5. Smart bulbs

With the development of technology, numerous factors are entirely technology based such as smartphones and smart televisions. Similarly, you can also find smart lightbulbs which are controlled with the help of a controller or an app like Alexa with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Just like any other smart device, even smart bulbs are quite pricey, but they can be helpful if you want to upgrade with trending technology.

Bottom line

Mentioned above are some names of light bulbs which you must be aware of. This way you can choose the appropriate light bulb depending on the surrounding where you want to install the light bulb.


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