6 Travel Accessories Every New Parent Should Invest In

Travelling with a baby in tow is no easy feat. What used to be single carry-on bag has now become a plethora of suitcases, checklists and essential equipment. Unfortunately, every parent needs to be prepared for this aspect of parenthood because travelling with a baby is inevitable. Should you not want to run into any mishaps along the way, here are some accessories you’re going to have to invest in.

A Bassinet

A portable bassinet differs from a cradle in the sense that it has a solid base and does not rock to and fro. They are generally designed for babies from birth to around 4 months so in preparation of any travelling during this period, it’s best that you get your hands on a portable bassinet.


When it comes to newborn babies, sometimes a bassinet may be too cumbersome to carry around. Especially if you may be going on just a few short errands as well, so the easier solution would be to get your hands on some comfortable Namely Co organic muslin wraps. A big benefit of wraps is that they allow the baby to snuggle closer to you, and they’ll be able to hear your heartbeat. This is an incredibly soothing noise for them so it will definitely pacify them if they get irritated in a public space.


While cribs can be used for newborns as well, ideally a portable crib would be used for those that have outgrown the bassinet. You’d have no choice but to resort to this on vacations and longer durations of travelling. Your criteria for a portable crib would be lightweight of course (around 13 pounds would be perfect) and simple to set up. 


Carriers are the perfect option for a growing baby or toddler that you simply can’t support with a wrap. They offer flexibility and increased support, and can be attached to your hip, front or back. So if you need your hands free or you’re looking to multi-task a baby carrier is one of the most effective choices on the market for you.


Usually when you think of a stroller, the words ‘heavy’, ‘tiring’ and ‘cumbersome’ may come to mind. There are portable options, however, that you may take a liking to. Ideally you would look for a foldable version that would fit in to your vehicle as well as a light frame and a carry strap, making it easy to travel around with on the go. Each and every parent should own a stroller, but when making your purchase, consider the above factors so they can be a sturdy travel accessory as well.

Reusable Travel Potty Seat

You’ll never know when your baby will decide to let loose so investing in a reusable travel potty seat would come in handy for those long hours on the road. It also helps reduce the amount of contact your baby has with public toilets while maintaining your child’s potty training routines!

These are the most important travel accessories you should consider buying if you want your travel experiences (whether it be to the grocery shop or to a five-star hotel) to run as smoothly as possible.


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