A Simple Style Guide to Trendy MOB Dresses

Your daughter finally approached you with gleaming eyes and an excited voice: she’s going to get married. You probably had a micro heart-attack for a moment there—but you share the joy of this momentous event! So you did your motherly duties and helped your daughter shop for her wedding dress. But this is a shared celebration hence the need for you to find the best dress for the occasion. Ah, but there are so many to choose from! Here is a quick guide to streamlining your choices to the best.

Wearing Jackets

If you’re aiming for a more polished look, adding an elegant jacket may be suitable for the occasion—and weather. A chiffon jacket or lace bolero can add sophistication to your ensemble. Make sure that the jacket matches the colour of your clothing.

Finding the Perfect Shoes

Well, technically not perfect—but close to it. This is your daughter’s wedding after all! Your shoes should match or complement the colour of your dress. Heeled sandals in shades of gold, nude, or pastel may work best for this occasion. You may want to wear black peep toe shoes or sandals if you’re wearing a dark coloured dress.

Add a Fancy Bag to the Ensemble

MOBs need a place for her personal items too. If you’re wearing a formal attire, it is desirable to use small bags or clutches to place a few items such as your keys, lipstick, and phone. Hard-shell clutch bags are just the pieces for the occasion. Always think ‘match or complement’ to help make your ensemble look fabulous.

A Flair for Style

You have so many options ranging from traditional brick-and-mortar dress shops. However, there are online shops offering affordable but modern dress styles for MOBs. Online dress shops such as Anthea Crawford offer quality and modern dresses for weddings and other special occasions in Australia. If you’re unsure about your fit, you may want to visit your local tailor first and have them take your measurements. This way, you can get the right fit once they deliver the dress to your doorstep.

A Few Trinkets

Some dresses could look a little drab without a few sparkling jewels to brighten up the look. It might be best to pick jewellery after you’ve already picked your dress. Usually, MOBs would go for diamonds or pearls during weddings. But don’t limit yourself. You can go for silver, gold, or rose-gold as long as it complements your look and skin tone. Some styles can be overwhelming if you add bulky jewellery so be mindful of the trinkets!

Short, Long, Or Tea Length?

The length of your dress will depend on the occasion. With some customs, the bride and bridal party may need to wear conservative dresses. In this case, going for sheer lace sleeves and long dress lengths may be needed. It is also important to look at the location where the wedding will be held. A strapless, tea-length dress may be ideal for beach weddings in this case.


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