Advantages of A Concrete Block House

Block house are one of the most common and trendiest housing styles of the modern times. But is the hype around these houses worth it? Are they a good investment? Whether you are a design enthusiast and looking more about block houses or you are planning your own house, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of block houses.

Fire Resistant

One of the biggest advantages of concrete block houses that most of us don’t think about is its ability to resist a fire. In case of a fire, although the wooden parts such as the doors and windows and even the roof may be burned, the basic structure of the house will keep standing as a natural fire-resistant wall. These houses are much preferred in areas that are prone to wildfires. This is because they are a safer option in case of a fire.

Can be Built on High Moisture Areas

This also a popular choice among those who live in areas that have high precipitation all year around. Since it is made of concrete, the material will not attract mould or mildew. This is another advantage concrete block house have over wooden houses. Wooden frames when wet, remain wet for a longer time increasing the possibility of wear and structural damage. You will not have this problem with concrete houses.

No Rust or Pests to Worry About

A house with a wooden frame can easily be damaged if there are pets like rats eating through the frame. Similarly, metal frames tend to rust if exposed to elements. But you will not have these issues with a house that has a concrete frame. The frame can survive for years without any structural damage to the house. You will not have to worry about constant and continuous costs for repairs or pest control.

It’s Stylish

Although this might not come off as the biggest or the most important advantage. But concrete block homes are different to the traditional architecture. Therefore, this offers a pretty unique outlook to your home. Whether you are going for the traditional block house or are more into sloping block house designs, it is undeniable that concrete block houses are a favourite of many due to its elegance that is mixed with its fashion

Wind Resistant

Concrete block houses are the one of the houses that can withstand the weather elements and not be scathed by it. In areas that are prone to strong winds, this is a good housing option to have. Especially for harsher winds like hurricanes or tropical storms, concrete block houses are one of the safest housing options to have.

So, if you are worried about which hosing style to choose or which material to choose when building your house, here are some factors you can give a though to. Although every material has its strengths and weaknesses, concrete block houses are known for their beauty and functionality both. Make sure to keep these advantages in mind when considering housing options.


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