Advantages of Using Glass Pool Fencing

If you go through the statistics that have been presented by the Safety Authorities in Australia, kids are clearly more prone to injuries and even death in swimming pools that are unsafe. This is why if you are thinking about getting a pool installed in your home, you should also make sure that the security comes along with it and the best way to get this done is through glass pool fencing which can become hugely popular in the recent past. Usually the materials that swimming pool fencing is made out of are wood and steel but the glass pool fencing has really taken over the trends today. If you think that this is a great option for you too, here are some of the main advantages of this that you should know about.

The Appearance

The biggest and most immediate advantage that you can think of when you consider glass pool fencing is that they are much more pleasing to the eye than the other varieties and also offer better safety than the opaque fencing methods. The fencing, in this case, will blend beautifully and seamless with the surroundings, especially if it is frameless and will never look out of place. If you are interested in this option you should always make sure to get it from reputed manufacturers such as Barton Glass and the likes so that you know what you are getting is of high quality.

An Effective and Practical Safety Barrier

Kids should not ideally get into the pool on their own without supervision and this glass pool fencing will allow you to do just that. You will have less stress on your mind knowing that you do not need to always be supervising the pool making sure that the kids are alright. The biggest problem which is of safety will be solved immediately.

There Will Be No Edges and Gaps

If you are worried about your kids getting stuck in gaps in the fencing or getting cut on the edges you should know that both these risk factors are not there with glass pool fencing. Even if there are gaps they are negligible and the best part is that you will be able to get these customized according to how you need them done.

It Is Tough

The material that is used in the glass fencing is custom manufactured and this type of toughened up glass is very durable and strong. The thickness in this will usually range from eight millimetres to ten or twelve and has a long lifespan. Even then they are easy on the eyes and will not take away from your landscaping either.


Metal, chain links or iron will eventually start to rust when used with a pool fencing system and wood will definitely decay with prolonged exposure to water and other elements especially if the pool is outside. The fungi that can grow on the wood can get into the pool and make it a health hazard for anybody who takes a dip. With glass pool fencing there is never any such issue. No corrosion, no decay and definitely no fungi growth. Of course, you need to clean the glass but it is really easy to do so and takes just a few minutes only.



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