Anti-Ageing Supplements that You Can Consider

Ageing is something that all of us have to face. But there are many treatment options that are created to slow down this process and attend to the drawbacks that ageing brings. One of these treatment options is the use of dietary supplements. These can support the process of ageing and protect you from some of the effects to an extent by reducing cellular damage.

There is no supplement that you can take to completely stop the ageing process. You also need to have a healthy lifestyle for the supplements to make an effect. It is an overall process of caring for your health. You need to get the advice of your family doctor before you start stocking up on all the supplements that you can find. You need to make sure that you are eating food that provides good nutrition, get sufficient exercise and practice healthy habits. One of the vitamins that can help you maintain healthy and glowing skin is vitamin A. It is a fat soluble vitamin. There are compounds that are known as retinoids which can be effective in slowing ageing. There are many forms of retinoids such as retinol, retinoic acid and retinal. They are able to improve cell turnover and stimulate collagen that is essential for youthful looking skin.

Another option that is gaining popularity is NMN supplements. There are many studies done on this regarding mice. Findings have been sufficiently satisfactory as the research shows an improved endurance, heart conditions etc. in mice when NMN is used. There are many studies supporting that NMN can raise NAD+ levels. Oral supplements are well tolerated by the body and can increase NAD+ levels in adults. NAD+ levels can go down with age and when an NMN supplement is used to keep the NAD+ level up, there is some effect against the ageing process. Vitamin C is another supplement that can improve skin texture and the rate of collagen production. UV exposure can damage skin and vitamin C can promote collagen production and linkage so that it prevents the formation of wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Vitamin D can protect your bones. With age, the ability of our body to synthesise vitamin D when exposed to the sun can reduce. Vitamin D is also known to boost mood levels. Our body can also gradually lose the ability to absorb vitamin B12 even with a good diet. Vitamin B12 will help with your energy level. There are blood tests that can take to check whether you are low in this vitamin. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that has gained a lot of popularity through skin products. This can provide sufficient protection against cell damage and contributes to the production of energy. There are also supplements where you can take this orally. It will decrease free radical accumulation. Free radicals can advance the rate of ageing. Gut health is another aspect that can affect the health of other systems. Probiotics and prebiotics can promote gut health and it will, in turn, slow down the process of ageing.


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