Autism Spectrum Disorder: Symptoms and Treatments

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder displays a range of issues surrounding the sensory organs. Sensory organs are there for all of us to take in information from the surrounding ad send it to the brain to make sense of it. But what happens when there is too much of information coming in and we are unable to figure out which is what?

We may have all experienced this happening with us at one point or another but imagine that happening all the time! If you feel that it is extremely difficult to handle that and that you may need some help then you are not alone, as individuals with autism spectrum disorder experience this all the time and would greatly appreciate some sort of help to overcome this issue.

ASD and Sensorimotor Program

The sensorimotor programme for autism is designed to help children with autism spectrum disorder to manage their sensory symptoms. Not just with the sensory issues, these programmes are said to help in various behavioural and learning issues that may be present among children with this disorder.

These sensory motor programmes are usually based on the assumptions that; children with autism are hyper aroused by the sensory information around them, they have difficulty in reacting to the sensory information even though they possess the physical ability to react and they have difficulties in proprioception which is the understanding of where our bodies are in space.

What is a Sensorimotor Program?

As explained earlier, the Sensorimotor Program is designed to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder manage their sensory and motor deficits. It is said that these programmes help to develop neurological efficiency by developing neural networks in the brain. While the name suggests that this could be a complicated procedure, that is rarely the case.

In fact, these sensorimotor programmes are designed to make it fun and interesting for the children. These programmes and activities are carried out by professionals such as occupational therapists, but often they use the expertise of other professionals such as physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and many more.

How does it help?

While these programmes may help to manage the earlier mentioned symptoms, it would also help the child to build up confidence and gain control over their body. Other than these some more advantages of a sensory motor programme would be that they help to enhance gross motor skills such as running.

Walling and jumping as well as fine motor skills such as the ability to hold a pencil, draw and similar things. It helps to improve the social skills such as making eye contact, interacting with others and many more which are generally the areas children with autism spectrum disorder struggle with.

Children with special needs may struggle with many areas in life but that does not mean they do not have any skills and talents. While some children with this disorder show exceptional talents in fields such as mathematics and science some shows talent in the field of music and dance. Hence our responsibility is to help them reach their full potential which could be achieved through the help of sensorimotor programmes.


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