Dream Your Painting and Then Paint Your Dream!

 “True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” – Albert Einstein

The Gods have bestowed upon some the gift of artistic prowess and others with the diligence to learn and master it!  Whichever path you are on, sharpen your creative urge and bring it all out, so that the world can be a more beautiful place to live in!

Your art projects can be of various nature such as drawing, sketching, painting, craft, paper quilling, sewing, etc.  For creating the most astonishing artwork, it is not adequate that you are suitably inspired but also you need a private workspace, called an art studio!  And having your own art studio can be a dream come true!

Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Own Art Studio

Step 1

Start long before you actually make your dream art studio a reality!  Collect the most needed art supplies such as colour pencils, paints, pencils, erasers, brushes, sketching paper etc.  Purchase or collect optional art supplies such as watercolours, pastels, oil paints, canvas, an adjustable easel etc.  Find binder glue, scissors, design puncher machines, painting kits, beading kits, etc. in bargain and jumble sales.

Step 2

Find the perfect space to set up your art studio.  This can be a backyard shed, a spare bedroom, the attic etc.!  This private space being spacious and having a door is a must, for setting up a quiet, inspiration stimulating art studio!  Make sure there is adequate light in the room, preferably sunlight during day time and full spectrum light bulbs at night.

Step 3

Furnish your room appropriately!  You will need large work surfaces or tables to work on.  Preferably, one table should be huge with a surface such as concrete in order to withstand artistic damages as well as hold tons of art supplies on it!  Spread a tarp on the floor where you might paint.  Set a comfortable wooden or plastic chair or stool.  Avoid cushions or covers, as they might get paint-stained.  Add plenty of shelves, stationery drawers etc. to hold all your art supplies!  Add a recliner, small coffee table and a room refrigerator for your breaks if space and your purse permit!

Step 4

Organize your workspace!  Sort your art supplies and hold pencils, markers, brushes, crayons in separate, marked containers.  Arrange all sorts of papers in open boxes.  Use big bins to hold poster paper rolls and canvases.  Discard broken, dried up and unusable supplies regularly!  Arrange the containers, boxes and bins neatly in the drawers, on the table, shelves or on the floor.

Step 5

Decorate your studio!  Let your own art studio reflect your personality, style and artistic tastes.  Don’t be afraid to use bold colours and patterns that inspire you!  Add photos of objects and scenic wonders for inspiration!  Use artful dividers to separate workspaces so that you are not held back on a new inspiration while working on another.

Step 6

Stock up cleaning sprays and paper towels to catch your spills in your studio.  Keep old T-shirts and aprons to protect your clothing while working!

Step 7

Let your imagination run wild!  May you be inspired to make the most beautiful artistic creations!!


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