Everything You Need to Know About Skateboarding

An action sport like Skateboarding involves a lot of practice. It’s a fun activity to do, especially if you like doing something out of the ordinary. Not everyone has the guts to ride the skateboard as it looks like a scary thing to do. If you want to try it, and know more about it, keep reading everything below.

History of Skateboarding

Skateboarding has been here for a long time. It was the early 1950’s when it has first started. California surfers pioneered it when they wanted to do something when the waves aren’t around. Skateboard, which is the sports equipment used for skateboarding, has evolved throughout the years. In fact, no one knows who did the first skateboard.

In the 1960’s, a few surfing manufacturers from Southern California began building skateboards that imitated small surfboards. In the 1970’s, skateboards made of polyurethane were produced. Polyurethane is known to offer smoothness and durability. In the 1980’s, skateboard makers have initiated a highly hard polyurethane with wheel sizes that are fairly small. Some of today’s skateboards are electric-powered, as it had gained so much popularity all over the world.

Different Types of Skateboards

No matter what age, skateboarding is an exciting activity to do. If you’re a beginner, you have to know the different types of skateboards: Cruiser Boards, Downhill Skateboards, Longboards, Mini Boards, Mini Cruisers, and Old School Boards.

Each has its unique feature, and you have to know which one is right up your alley. Now, there are electric skateboards which is a choice of many riders who want more comfort and flexibility. If you want one for yourself, have a look and buy electric skateboard gold coast. They have electric skateboards that come with Bluetooth technology that can help you easily control them.

Benefits of Skateboarding

Just like any type of sports, skateboarding provides an array of benefits. It is a great full body workout, helps to alleviate stress and depression, and improves flexibility and coordination, and so on. So, if you want to enjoy these benefits, start facing your fear and ride your skateboard. 

Wear a Protective Skateboarding Gear

There are dangers associated with skateboarding. That is why if you plan on making it part of your life, make sure to invest in protective skateboarding gear. Don’t forget that it needs a lot of trial and error, specifically for first-timers.

Falling is part of the game, so shop for a set of high-quality skateboarding helmet, gloves, and pads. The former is the skateboarding gear you certainly need to have, as it gives protection to the most important part of your body. Skateboarding helmets come in different prices, shapes, and sizes. When choosing a skateboarding helmet, the first step is to know what size you need.

Uses of Skateboards

The uses of skateboards are many. You can use it not only for recreational activity, but for military, swing boarding, and tramp boarding among others.

Skateboarding is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t have the courage to do it, you will have a hard time, for sure. But with regular practice, you will be good at it later.


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