Factors To Consider When Buying Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you are a fan of matcha but could not afford to buy a cup every day from coffee shops or you have a more distinct palate and prefer to prepare one on your own, you’d soon realize that there are hundreds of brands selling matcha green tea that you don’t know which one to buy. Not only are you considering the price and taste, you also want to purchase matcha that is legit and not just some green powder that does not dissolve no matter how hot the water is.

Despite their widespread availability in innumerable shops and supermarkets, matcha powders are not all created equal. When you go shop for one, make sure to consider the following:

Ceremonial or culinary grade

We have already established that not all matcha are equal. Not only they differ in price, they also differ in taste. What is the most important when buying matcha green powder is knowing the difference between ceremonial and culinary? If you are an experienced matcha drinker, you’d know that the ceremonial kind is brewed from the youngest tea leaves and has a mild flavour. It is also more expensive.

And if you would be drinking matcha with water only, this is the one to go for. Culinary matcha on the other hand is less expensive but has a more bitter flavour. You could use it for desserts or in lattes to make the bitter taste bearable. Remember though that it is better to buy matcha powder that doesn’t have any added sugar to make it easier for you to control the sweetness. You can find matcha powder australia here.

Expiration date

Matcha does not have a long shelf life and despite what the expiration date states, you have to use it within two months of opening it to enjoy its finest flavour. If you are buying for yourself only, buy in small quantities and remember to keep it refrigerated.


Chasen, a bamboo whisk is recommended for matcha drinkers. It is a valuable investment especially if you are drinking matcha frequently. Chasen is uniquely designed to break up clumps and to produce a foamy layer on top of the tea. If you don’t have one yet, you could use a conventional whisk or an electric milk frother instead. A fork or a spoon to whisk the matcha powder and water will not prevent clumps and will not produce a froth.


If you are still convincing your partner or your family or friends about enjoying a cup of matcha with you, remember that matcha is an acquired taste and not everyone will be an instant fan of the grassy, umami flavour. To get them to like it, add a few drops or teaspoon full of your favourite sweetener. If the culinary matcha powder that you bought is also bitter, you could sweeten it.

Another factor you should also think about is where the matcha green tea powder was originally made. Look for brands that import tea from Japan and you could be sure of the quality since the processing there is generally more consistent than in other areas.


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