Factors to consider when choosing property agents

The role of property agents is quite significant in western landlord culture. There used to be a time when renting properties out used to be simple. Just as drastically as the world has changed, the circumstances regarding renting properties have changed too. In accommodating landlord needs, there are several property managing companies in the present. If you managed to filter out the best in the field, you will be freed from several inconveniences.

In doing so, there are some fundamental factors to consider. Let us take a look at them.

Experience as a property agency

The need of choosing a company over an individually working agent goes without saying. However, it is not advisable to choose an amateur company that can potentially make your property one of its test subjects. Hence, make sure to directly inquire about the number and the types of properties the company has dealt with before. The better their portfolio, the more reassured you will be. As a tip, check if you can verify by the agency’s website if they have one.

Transparency on maintenance aspects

If the agency represents you in your best interest, they should be willing to be transparent about all the questions you may have. Whether it was about possible pest control, or even regular maintenance, a truly professional agency like the OKG Narangba will also disclose their stance with integrity.

Marketing procedure

A thorough idea about the market is an agency’s strong suit. Because they know what to market and how to market it, it is crucial to choose a company that will attend to your property in the best way. In the marketing or advertising method, the use of ideal photographs with the ideal price tag will ensure to lure potential tenants. These photographs have another benefit. Since the entry conditions will be photographed, it will be convenient for both you and the agency to spot any future damages.

Fees for dealing with property’s due payments

Even if you rent a property out, you will be the ultimate owner. Hence, fees for local water accounts, insurance, and even council rates will typically be your responsibility. But a responsible property agency is completely aware of these responsibilities and will offer to take care of them for you. But what would be the extra cost given the hassle? But if your service provider offers you those services free of charge, take that golden opportunity ensuring the due responsibility.

Tenant admission process

One of the biggest reasons to affiliate with a professional property agency is to be safeguarded from questionable tenants. In a world swarming with all sorts of crime, you probably shouldn’t take chances with not even just questionable but also difficult clients. If your agency is keen enough to check all the tenants at the TICA database with a comprehensive application process, it would take a load off your shoulders knowing you just will not have any problems with your tenant. Explore the agency’s website and look for the tenant application or request it from the company and see it for yourself.


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