Family Visa Options in Australia

Moving into a new country is a great way to start a fresh and new life. One of the top destinations for people who want to migrate is Australia because of the numerous opportunities it offers along with the beauty of its country as a bonus. There are several ways where you could get entry to this scenic place – whether it is just temporary or permanent. Whether you want to make your temporary stay permanent or already a citizen who wants to bring in family into the country, here are the visa options you could choose from.

Partner Visa

One of the most popular ways to bring in someone into the country is by a partner visa. Australian citizens or permanent residents can get this visa for their partner should they wish to bring them for immigration in Australia. The term ‘partner’ doesn’t just apply to spouses but also for fiancé and de facto couples both different and same sex relationships.

Applying for a partner visa could take much time and involves a lot of effort. To make things less stressful and smoother for both you and your partner, it is best to leave it all to a partner visa migration agent Melbourne. They are the experts when it comes to processing this visa, rest assured it will be done completely with no issues after the process.

Fiancé Visa

Another way of bringing your partner into the country is through a fiancé visa. Also known as Prospective Marriage Visa, this one applies to those who are engaged to Australian citizens or permanent residents provided that you meet all the other requirements needed for this visa type. However, when you enter Australia with this visa type, you will only be given a maximum of 9 months to marry your fiancé or it becomes invalid.

Family Sponsorship

If you’re planning to bring family members with you to Australia, this type of visa is the perfect fit for your needs. For Australian citizens and permanent residents, you can bring anyone in your family as long as you sign them up on a dependent visa. You will sign as their sponsor so that they can get into the country. It has a wider range of people that you can take with you, not just a partner but also children and parents as well as long as you and they meet the requirements needed for the visa.

Dependent Visa

Aside from family sponsorship, you may also bring your family members to join you in the country with a dependent visa. It applies to children or spouses of Australian citizens or permanent residents who are staying overseas and wants to migrate to the country. It is also applicable for family members who want to work or study temporarily in the country.

No matter what way it is, there are definitely a lot of options for you if you’re planning to bring in family members to migrate in Australia. With those types of family visa mentioned above, you can now easily choose which one suits your needs perfectly.


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