Finding and repairing leaks in your kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen what mainly crosses our minds, is the stove, the cupboards and perhaps floors and tables. However, did you stop to think that the kitchen is also an area where a higher amount of water is used? There are many instances where the kitchen taps and sinks could leak and you might not know about it, until you get a bill for the water, sky high. Even if it is a minor leak it can cause difficulties to many other parts of the house such as the walls being deteriorated, floors getting muddy and more.

What are the signs of these trouble?

You might hear a leak. But if it is minor, the chances of you hearing water being dripped, is slim to none. You can look for things such as paint peeling off of walls, or if you have a wood finish in the kitchen that wood, appearing chalky. Stains is a big tell. If you see stains on the floor or on the walls or on joists below, it is time to take action and look for a leak. Mold is one of the huge threats that you will face if there is a leak anywhere in the house. And of course, an increased bill for water would also give you an indication of something being wrong.

Finding the source

When you see puddles or dampness inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink it is a definite notification of a leak. However, the leak might not be in the faucet. In situations like this people wonder what has happened and they assume it is not the kitchen sink that is leaking, but something else and set out to look for anything wrong in the roof for example. However, you just remember that the rim of the sink is also a plausible source. If the rim is leaking it will allow the water to seep below it to the base of the faucet which will gently make things worse and obliterate the cabinets as well as the countertops in your kitchen. Hence it is of high importance that you call a plumber Tempestowe and look for ways to fix the problem.

The danger of kitchen leaks 

Unlike in the bathrooms, the sink of the kitchen could leak for some time and still go unnoticed. This is because the sinks are usually situated at the back of the kitchen cabinets. Even when the water is leaking and it is running down the pipes seeping into the floor or even the subfloors, you won’t notice because you will seldom look inside that cabinet. However, water seeping as such will rot the base of the sink as well as the framing and the floor. When you find that everything is being destroyed it may be too late therefore it is important that you look into the matter and act as soon as possible.

Do not wait until you see water stains or molds. Be proactive and always look for the well-being of your own household.


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