Get Ready to Face the Corporate World

Although the popular saying goes not to judge a book by its cover, it is inevitable people coming to conclusions about you when they see you. It is also said that first impression is the last impression. You’re not going to get a second “first impression”.

In this scenario what you dress up in, is very important. Even if you don’t want anyone to have an opinion of you, you are not in a position to halt people’s thoughts. Therefore, it is inevitable that you are judged not only from your behaviour and what you say but also from your attire. So, what is it that you should wear to the office?

Dressing according to the occasion

If you are a professional then you know that dressing up according to the occasion is of greatest importance. If you are at an office party, what you wear and how you accessorize is completely different to how you would do it at a home party. When you were attending high school and college you must have just donned a t-shirt and jeans and set about.

But once you are done with all that and start working it is a must that you own a proper wardrobe including office shirts and official womens pants. Most people face the problem of not having a concrete idea about what to wear when it comes to office, especially as a fresher. Easiest thing is to read about it; you can find many reputed articles in the internet as well as in fashion magazines and even books. Follow career guidance programs and etiquette workshops and you will get to know a lot of things.

Accessorizing your look

Accessories are similarly important when it comes to professional attire. If you went through training at any of your employments, you must have heard the phrase simple but elegant. Especially in the travel and tourism trade, if you are working in a hotel where a lot of foreigners visit, you will be asked not to wear certain jewellery such as nose rings and the like.

Even in your general knowledge, it would feel wrong to wear some jewellery to an official setup. Follow your intuition and remember everything you learned at the programs and workshops you attended or what you read online. Shoes are an important part of personal attire as well. Stick to sensible heels or professional looking flats, do not opt for 4-inch strappy heels for work.

Shape your behaviour

It is also a well-known fact that even if you are dressed like a million dollars if you act like a penny then the value of your clothes or how you are dressed does not matter at all. This is again a place where you are professionalism comes out. With it, you will be judged on your education and probably family background as well. Therefore, dressing up the part is not sufficient, you should also know how to behave properly on a given occasion.

If you buy a business suit, carry a briefcase and show up at work to go from desk to desk interrupting people’s work and cracking lame jokes, then the suit nor the briefcase will amount to anything in terms of your value to the organization. Try to learn what is important, where.


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