Great Ways to Redecorate Your Living Space

We all crave newness, something exciting to look forward to and enjoy. Whether it is a new job, a vacation after months or a pleasant space to come home to. Redecorating your house is a must every few years, not only because it helps to see change but also it is a way of dealing with the daily wear and tear of furniture and fittings.

You do not have to large scale redecorating but small changes to your living space to improve how it looks. Whether you are sick of the drab walls of your living room or the faded curtains in your bedroom, here are small ways you can try re decorating your living space.

New cushions

We underestimate just how powerful bright, new cushion covers are. Get rid of the faded covers and invest in some new ones. This is a cheap and budget friendly way to change how your living room or bedroom looks. opt for different patterns, colours and sizes mix and match your existing furnishings so that the cushion covers can tie the room together.

Get down to some painting

Painting is not an impossible task. There are quite a lot of people who do their own painting. It is cost saving and you are able to create what you envisioned. However, painting an entire room or your house may be quite expensive and take a while to complete, so how about doing up one wall instead?

A statement wall is painting or decorating one wall of the space, which is in contrast to the rest of the space. This can be through painting it a completely different colour, doing your own artistic work or even hanging up wall hanging and wall decorations. This adds colour and life to the space. By doing this you don’t necessarily have to paint or change much of anything else.

Rugs and carpets

Who does not like walking on soft rugs or carpets in a bedroom? Investing in a rug or carpet is a long-term asset. It covers up any marks or flaw on the floor, feels amazing to step on and adds class to the space. Check out sage and Clare rugs for some funky, cool rugs suitable for any living space. They have a wide variety to choose from so you will definitely find something you like.

Change furniture placing

Your living space can change a lot simply by changing the layout of the furniture. The change of space adds new dimensions to the room giving the room a much airier and more spacious look. De-clutter the room by moving out unnecessary or unused furniture. You can even make changes to upholstery such as change curtaining and couch covers to add a new look.

Change the space until you find a way to fit everything you need. Get some inspiration from magazines, Pinterest boards or even online. There are many budget friendly ways to re-decorate your living space by doing small changes that make a lasting impression.


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