How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Your smile is a large part of who you are and it is something that has a big impact on your life. When you are not confident about the state of your teeth, you will eventually try to hide them by not smiling. So to rid yourself of any doubt or embarrassment, you can speak to a cosmetic dentist about how to restore your beautiful smile.

We don’t notice how self-conscious we are of our smile until there is certain trauma to teeth that can cause chipped teeth or loose teeth. If you have dealt with irregularities in teeth for some time, then you may lose confidence in your smile. Your smile is what is first noticed in a first impression and any treatment that goes towards fixing irregularities in your teeth can help you become more confident. Some of the things that can affect your smile are crooked or chipped teeth, metal fillings that are noticeable, gaps in teeth and discolouration of teeth. Brighter smile dental Maroubra will be able to help treat all these issues. When there are crooked or overcrowded teeth, there are several treatment options that you can try. Metal braces are what were traditionally used but there are treatment options that are not as noticeable as braces. One such option is Invisalign which are clear and removable braces. There are also tooth coloured or clear braces that you can try. Metal fillings were traditionally used but they can be very noticeable. If you are self-conscious about this, you can ask your dentist to switch the filling to tooth coloured resin.

Teeth can chip in case of an injury and bad habits such as chewing on ice or other hard materials can contribute to this as well. Over time a chipped tooth can break. Some of the methods of repairing chipped teeth are dental veneers that are applied over the existing tooth, a dental crown that fits over the tooth and protects it from further damage or filling the chipped area by applying a tooth-coloured resin. The resin will be shaped to match that of the actual tooth and hardened with ultraviolet light. But when there is excessive damage where the pulp of the tooth is exposed, a crown is used. The dead pulp will be removed using root canal therapy and the tooth will be capped with a crown.

To reduce or eliminate gaps between teeth, porcelain veneers are used. These are thin veneers that can be placed over existing teeth. Some enamel shaving will be done to make room for the veneers. Porcelain veneers are stronger than composite veneers and therefore used for areas with a higher bite load. However, composite veneers are cheaper than porcelain veneers. Dental bonding can also be used to fill the gap. This will require multiple dental visits. Braces can also help with this issue. If you are self-conscious about braces being noticeable, you can always choose to go for Invisalign braces. If you are self-conscious about a gummy smile where a large area of your gum can be seen when you smile, there are gum re-contouring treatments that you can check.


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