How the Pacifier Works Wonders for Babies?

Being a parent is a big challenge. Aside from taking care of your baby’s needs, you also want to protect your little one so much that you don’t even want to see him cry for a long time. There are plenty of ways to soothe a crying baby – from cuddles, humming, and many more.

However, there’s this one thing that definitely works magic in soothing babies – the pacifier. Pacifiers are proven effective to stop those baby tears, especially for younger ones who still have a strong need to suck. Here are some of the reasons why parents give their little one a pacifier.

Helps Baby to Self Soothe

Simply sucking on a pacifier can soothe most of the fussy babies. However, it can do more than just calming a crying baby. Pacifiers help train your little one to self soothe, especially at night or during naptime. When they are already older, your baby won’t be much dependent on you to fall back asleep when their sleep gets disrupted. These pink dummies are definitely perfect for your little princess because of its orthodontic style and cute design.

Serves as a Quick Distraction

There are times when you need to distract your baby to stop him or her from crying such as when getting shots at the doctor, preparing a bottle of milk, and other similar situations. Most parents swear by the magic of a pacifier as a quick distraction for a baby who starts getting fussy. Once they get the dummy, they’ll slowly start to calm down and stop crying – saving their tears and keeping parents sane.

Reduces SIDS

Studies have shown that the use of pacifiers decreases the risk or SIDS for younger babies. Although they are still looking out for the real reason on how it works, one of the theories that they come up with is that the sucking mechanism helps open up an air space on baby mouth and nose. This helps a lot in getting them enough oxygen that they need.

Safety Tips When Using a Pacifier

Giving your baby a pacifier is just so simple. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind to ensure your baby’s safety while using it. First, never attach it anywhere whether on the crib or around your baby’s neck since the cord poses a risk of strangulation. Choose pacifiers with simple design or those without additional attachments such as buttons or ribbons to prevent choking.

Have a few pacifiers at hand so you can have replacements while you’re still cleaning the others. Although babies love sweets, never dip a pacifier in sweet sugary substance before giving to your little one. It is bad for their teeth and could increase your baby’s risk for tooth decay.

Pacifiers are one of parents’ best buddies when it comes to keeping their baby happy and calm. Remember to maintain its use at a minimum so that it doesn’t interfere with baby’s socializing time and development.


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