How To Capture The Best Family Photo In Different Locations

As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. Pictures have been a usual item since the French physicist and mathematician François Arago created the first ever photo in 1839. Several breakthroughs had happened since then. From the 1800s’ use of light-sensitive materials to today’s use of high-resolution stabilizer cameras – undoubtedly, the world of photography has tremendously innovated. Although the digital world today allows one to capture and store moments with the use of solely mobile phones, there are still traditional ones who want to have it printed, framed, and displayed. A common printed photo is a family picture, which can be seen whenever one opens his wallet. A small yet moving photo to look at. No wonder, every family wants to create a unique and a beautiful one. If you are wondering how to achieve such, read on the list below to have some ideas on how to do it.

Home, Sweet Home

A good family picture requires a good location. Although thousands of selfie photos can be made in the comforts of your home, a formal family picture exudes a certain kind of class. A formal photoshoot can be arranged with your chosen photographer, but first, you must choose a location. Depending on your preference, you can opt for the classic living room photo or the staircase photo. A family photo beside the grand piano is also a good concept to work with. However, you need not limit yourself in the four corners of your house. You can use your garden if you desire a one-with-nature photo. Better yet, have a photo with your fountain to capture the hidden grandeur of your garden. The list goes on and on, but regardless of the specific location, you’ll certainly love your photos as it was taken in your precious home.

Photo Studio

In case you want to have an entirely different surrounding, you can opt to go for a photo studio. Compared to your home, the photo studio allows you to customize your environment. In a matter of minutes, you can recreate the location you have in mind inside the photo studio. Do not forget to use props so you can make each shot as realistic as possible. Think of poses that you like to do. You can even recreate the poses of famous paintings such as the classic Mona Lisa or the terrified The Scream. All you have to do is to choose a great photographer who has a great photo studio that you can work with. You can pick the best portrait photography by Dezine By Mauro, and have the photo printed and framed for display.

Off for the Holidays

Another option is inviting your photographer to take photos during your holiday vacation. Select the location that you want to stay at and coordinate with your photographer on the shots that they can take on the said location. It can be under the heat during a beach trip or in a jet ski moment during winter weather.

The possibilities are endless in creating a picture-perfect moment with the family. Just be creative and let your imagination soar.


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