How to Choose Stonemasonry Equipment

Stonemasonry is very specific field that requires equally specific types of tools. Buying stonemasonry or any kind of tools in the e-retail age is highly convenient. However, with the extra ease comes uncertainty regarding products. You may not know whether a tool you purchased online would suit the job until it’s time to get some work done. It’s very important to choose the right tools for the job, as suggested below:

First Get the Measurement Tools You Need

All stonemasonry projects start with setting out the right measurements. Therefore, some of the foremost tools you should invest in are measuring tools. Before you start looking up those scutch hammers, go get the right measuring tapes, mason’s meters, rulers, squares, and everything else you need. Make sure you are purchasing measuring equipment designed just for masonry work. These are also the least equipment tools you would need in your arsenal, so getting through this step should be easy.

Choose Brands you are Already Familiar with

Most professional stone masons don’t really choose equipment based on brands. Some may have preferences for certain brands over others. Then there are items recommended by industry organizations. When you are starting out, choose tool brands you are already familiar with and can handle well. Don’t pick a new brand just because it may sound novel. Familiarity is very important when paying for expensive items.  Also, safety is a concern here as well.

Give the Tool a Thorough Inspection Right Away

You can easily inspect the tools at the store if you are buying offline. Even if you buy online, do inspect the tools as soon as they arrive by mail. If you purchased your items from a reliable seller, there would be a limited window to send it back for a refund if there’s an issue. Therefore, inspect the tools right away and test for safety if possible. If there’s a problem, you shouldn’t way t to inform the seller and return the package.

Buy Tools that Suit the Material You’ll Be Working with

Obviously, the tools should match the material you are most likely to be working with. For example, the trowels and similar tools you need will depend on the type of concrete or other material you are working with. Therefore, before you invest in expensive equipment, have an understanding of the material you are most likely to use. This may depend on your niche or the climate of the area you are in. Pick the tools that would be best for these materials. This would ensure that you end up with long-lasting items that won’t need quick replacement.

Don’t Forget the Cables and Extension Cords

Most modern stonemasonry items are electric and needs to be plugged in when working. That the main reason why you should also purchase electrical gadgets like extension cords, surge protectors, and voltage converters that would be essential for working with the tools you would be using. Don’t forget these things until the last moment. You can ask for advice from a professional electrician regarding which accessories are best for protecting your sensitive masonry machines.

Always do your research before buying stonemasonry equipment of any kind. That’s the only way you’ll get the right equipment for a job.


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