How to Create the Ideal Dining Setting?

Perhaps, the food should look good and taste even better. However, the dining space should also match up to the level of food served. Hence, then only the dine-in feels complete. We have seen many restaurants work on their interior to match a theme. Thus, that creates a unique ambiance and gives visitors a special experience.

Such an example is- a place for two is more romantic and cosier. They use dark-toned lightings, a quiet spot, and slow music that create the perfect mood for romance. On the other hand, a family restaurant will be totally opposite. It will be a lit space with lengthy tables to have a happening family moment.

Similarly, like how the small details of ambiance are looked into in a restaurant, even the dining table should speak the same language. 

In this article, we will be discussing a minor sized element of the dining table that simply adds elegance and class to the sitting arrangement of the table. It is known as a placemat; that sits below the dishes but is not the same as a table cloth. The placemat isn’t used to soak up the spills but, also as a decorative item to enhance the table’s outlook. 

There are various styles and shapes of placemat used in today’s time; we will be outlining a few of them below.

What are the different kinds of placemats?

Woven Placemat

It is a more spill soak type mat that is easy to clean. Hence, it is an ideal option for daily usage. The mat comes in different styles, such as basket weaves, and in a variety of colours. Whether you have an indoor setting pr an outdoor, if you have a colour coordinating mat with your table, you can use a woven placemat.

Linen Placemats

These stylish, elegant placemats are popular in high-end resorts. It is durable and is made from flax linen. However, it may cost you a little extra buck. Furthermore, this material has a quality of looking fresh and new-therefore, it doesn’t quickly wear out. You may have seen this on family dinner tables. You can look for a silicone placemat Australia online which can even be used by toddlers since they are easy to clean.

Round placemats

More appropriate to be used in a small- indoor space with round tables. These round placemats come in a braided style and are fabulous intricate touch to the table.

Table protection placemats  

A fancy and elegant type of placemat is mostly used in rich spaces. For instance, a sizzlers restaurant would use this type of mat to secure their expensive wooden table from the burns.

Hence, this table placemat is heat resistant and can protect your table from burns and scratches. These placemats are usually made from vinyl or synthetic materials such as PVC or polyester.

However, the heat resistant placemats are not machine washable but can be cleaned easily with hands. Also, there isn’t a variety of colour options available in this category.

Plastic placemats

For an easy-clean, disposable plastic mats are a great option. These are plain, simple mats in various shapes and colours.


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