How to Master “Not-Shopping” Yet Get the Best for Yourself

Would you believe if I said there are other methods of getting clothes other than shopping? It’s true! Whilst you are spending a mini fortune buying very new clothes, and not even wearing them sometimes, there are great ways to get rid of them and get new ones, without spending any amount or spending a very little amount.

Trading in Old Clothing

Did you know that you can exchange your old clothing for new ones at resale stores? Yes, you can do that. It is a perfect way to get rid of certain clothing items that you don’t wear any longer and at the same time replace them with brand new items that you will love.

We all have that shirt or the skirt which we bought because a friend said it will look good on you or because at that moment you liked that colour or just because you felt like buying it. You might not have worn it even once and it is sitting pretty in your wardrobe. This is the perfect opportunity for you to exchange it and get something that you love and make use of that amount you spent on that clothing item.

Try Out A Clothing Swap

You can try out a swapping party of clothing items with your friends. During the current time, it might not be possible to get together, therefore you can give it a try as an online event. This not only gives you some fun time but also lets you see what others own and whether you want it or not.

You can easily get rid of those skirts and blouses that you don’t wear any longer and replace them with new pieces to your liking, from your friends. You can simply create an event, ask your friends to keep the clothes as well as accessories near, which they are willing to exchange; you can conduct it like an online auction. Give it a try and you see that you love it.

Have A Budget

This is one of the huge problem’s ladies have. Once they go to a department store, they find out that the wallets get empty pretty quickly. Or their credit cards are maxed out. Even though you are supposed to dress nicely and present yourself attractively at work or a date, it doesn’t mean you have to spend everything you earn on clothes. When you go shopping, especially when you do online shopping, have a budget and stick to it.

If you’re doing online shopping it is easier to have a spreadsheet up in your computer and enter the price of what you just bought to that budget, or add it to the cart in the online site. Enter the final cart amount to your budget. For example, if you saw silk maxi dresses make sure they have the right size and upon confirmation, add it to the cart. Also enter it to the main budget to see what the sum looks like. Shopping is so loved that it is made to be a therapy, “retail therapy”. But remember if you spend all you have, one fine day where you stop will also be a different type of therapy and you won’t love it that much!


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