How to Plan an Amazing Birthday?

Birthday celebrations are always fun, especially if it’s your kid’s. Children are more excited about their birthdays and love to be involved in the whole process of planning it out than surprises. They love to talk about it to everyone and get so enthusiastic and start planning from days earlier. There are loads of ideas on how to make your child’s party one of the best.

List Down

First of all, it’s better to list out the plan for the birthday party, this list should include the theme, the décor, the time, venue, gifts, catering, etc. To get things done on time, planning and implementing prior will be really helpful.


Depending on what your child likes you can decide on this. If the child is grown, he/she might be able to vocalize what they want, if you have one or two-year-old, they are not able to entirely tell what they like so in those cases it would be the best to stick to your intuition. If you have a girl you could opt for a princess theme, a magical island with unicorns. If you have a boy you can choose from car themes, robots, superheroes or dinosaurs

The Venue

You can choose from booking a hotel or an open space to throwing one at your own house. If you are choosing the former you would have to contact the relevant parties to book the place. Make sure that you do this early to prevent the place from being unavailable at the time you need. Or you could just throw the party at your own house.


You can hire someone to do the décor for you, or you can do the décor whether it’s in the hotel or at home. You can get a happy birthday string and decorate with lots of balloons and streamers that would go with the theme. If you are having it in your backyard you can arrange the cake table under the pergolas if you have one installed. If you don’t have one you can get pergolas Narre warren. They are really a nice addition to your backyard and stand as a decorative element too. And you can hang string lights and balloons on it.


Birthday means lots of food and lots of fun. You can make your own food or get a caterer to do it. The cake table should be filled with chocolates, lollipops, macarons. If you are planning to follow it up with light dinner you can order something not so heavy or you can make one. Cakes can be customized; you can contact bakers to get a cake of your liking.


You can invite your relatives and friends and if your child is schooling you can invite his/her friends and his/her teacher as well.


Since it’s a children party there should be lots of games. Arrange something like a treasure hunt, classical musical chairs and bring in bouncers too.


Children love gifts, let them not be the only one to bring gifts to thank your child’s friends for coming by giving them gift packs too.


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