Importance of a Structural Engineer for Your Construction Project

Structural engineers are crucial for the success of a construction project. The construction industry contributes greatly to a country’s economy and it spans from infrastructure building, construction of water retaining structures, pipe lines, railways, all manners of buildings etc. It is a vast subject and structural engineers are there to ensure the stability and safety of the structures being built. They will carry out extensive analysis before a structure is built to ensure that it will last a long time safely.

There are many structural engineering firms you can find online. There are small and large scale companies and they will specialise in different areas such as residential, commercial, infrastructure etc. There are also companies that take on both residential and commercial projects amassing extensive experience and you can click on for more information. Structural engineering is an aspect of civil engineering. Civil engineering includes geotechnical, highway and environmental engineering in addition to structural engineering. A structural engineer will analyse the forces that will work on a building and design according to safety standards. They will provide structural drawings for it to be built after calculating all the loads and strength of the structure. A structural engineer will get involved in the project right after an architect so design and functionality can meld together. They will propose solutions to how the design can be supported depending on the aesthetics of the architect.

The structural engineer of the project will inspect the architectural drawings in order to carry out a structural analysis to determine how different loads act on the building. There are certain expected loads that they can use so this analysis is crucial in avoiding any structural failure that may happen. The objective of the structural design is to fine tune the sizing of the structural members to come into a balance with safety, structural integrity, cost while maintaining the aesthetic appeal. The structure of a building will have a large impact on the cost so if the structural members are over-designed for stability, it will drive the cost of the project up. It is the structural engineer’s job to find a middle ground.

There are standards whether national or international that structural engineers need to follow. Each country will follow a certain standard and this may depend on climatic factors as well. Once the architectural drawing is handed to the structural engineer, he/she will detail the structural drawing and provide specifications for the members. They will also specify the materials. There will be an initial discussion with the architect regarding the materials that will predominantly feature on the project and the structural analysis will start from there. Once the structural drawings are done and the project is underway, it is the responsibility of the engineer to ensure that building materials used are up to a standard. This will be specified in their detailing as well but there should be a team of consultants who will check quality of the material by performing various tests.


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