Maintenance Tips for Truck Owners

Once you have purchased a truck, there are a few things that you should be aware of as a new truck owner. There are certain basic maintenance guidelines that you have to follow to make sure the functioning of the truck is in order. By taking diligent care of your truck, you can make sure that the lifespan of your engine and other key components are extended.

You have to know about the specifics of the truck you purchase. There are different maintenance requirements for each truck and one of the ways you can see how best to look after its needs is through the owner’s manual. There is a whole section in the manual that covers truck maintenance as well as the timing of certain maintenance tasks such as tune ups and oil changes. Depending on which industry the truck is aimed at, there may be certain features that are special to it. For example, water cannons are a feature that is installed in many mining trucks. You have to be aware of what the failing points of these features are. In a water cannon, some of the points that are prone to failure are the nozzle, isolation valve, upper and lower bearings. There can also be speciality items such as dumping mechanisms, built-in cranes, refrigeration systems etc.

You need to be aware of critical maintenance items which include brakes, lighting, exhaust, steering system, mirrors and suspension. Brakes should be maintained carefully to ensure the safety of those inside the truck and everyone on the road. Regular inspection for brake components such as drums, hoses and rotors is essential. The exhaust system should be inspected regularly to make sure that it is connected properly and discharging correctly. You also have to think about proper visibility on the road. A truck is quite a large vehicle and having the entire lighting system running in top shape ensures that everyone on the road is able to see your truck arrive. Therefore, all the tail lights, headlights and running lights should be inspected to check if they are working properly before you start your journey. There should be two rear-vision mirrors on the outside of your truck.

Your steering system should also be inspected so that you can know immediately if there are any loose or missing parts. The axles of the truck, coil springs, air suspensions should all be functioning properly. If any of these elements are not in order, a truck can be taken out of service. You can endanger pedestrians and drivers alike without proper maintenance. A tyre check is another crucial element in your maintenance schedule. You should check the tread of the tires for any cracking or bulging especially if you’re carrying heavy cargo. You should always know the limit of the tyres. Overloading can cause tyres to fail. Tyre pressure should be checked with a gauge when the tyres are cold. And your tyres should always be equipped with proper rims. Another reason for tyre failure is not keeping to the intended speed of the truck.


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