Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing

Are you thinking about outsourcing some of your business processes? That would actually be a very rewarding idea if you know how you should be executing it correctly. If you do not know how it is done you would have issues that will take away from the productivity of the outsourcing process. Therefore, here are some of the most common issues that many organizations face with outsourcing and how you can avoid them by knowing these commonly made mistakes.

Don’t Expect Them to Read Your Mind

Being professionals it is valid if you think that they should have a general idea about what you are looking for. That is fair enough really, but remember that this is just a general idea that we are talking about. If you are going to expect them to imagine what you need word to word and really get into your mind that is something that you will need divine powers for and will not happen. Instead of illogically expecting people to know what you need, talk to them communicate effectively and let them know what plans you have in mind and the calibre of work that you expect from them. It will take away all miscommunications and bring your results faster. Many bosses are under the impression that because they are the boss, people will just somehow need to get what’s going through their minds. That is irrational and actually very bad communication that will get you poor results.

Know What to Outsource

One of the other factors that you have to think about is what processes you could and should be outsourcing and which ones you should be keeping in-house. For example, you can outsource bookkeeping for small business, advertising and sometimes even your customer service duties, especially in the case of the BPO sector. But if you are going to outsource the core roles in a company that would create a lot of problems for you. Before you outsource analyse the processes that you should be outsourcing and then take action.

Not Establishing Contact Points

Both sides of the equation will need to be balanced and this can be achieved with great communication. But for this to happen both sides will need to have personnel appointed to carry out the right communication and coordinate with the other party so that work happens smoothly. If your messages are not going through to the outsourced party and if their concerns are not reaching you, you will have a really hard time getting the results that you expected from this venture. At the start of business, appoint the contact points and make sure that they are aware of their job roles and responsibilities.

How Will Work Be Conducted?

Every company has their own way of completing their work and that method may not exactly be the same one that you would necessarily employ. If you insist that the people that you have outsourced to also work your way, your professional relationship may not be one that is successful. Therefore learn to be a little flexible so that both parties can benefit.


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