Natural Handmade Soap: How to Use Yours Well?

Many who are lucky enough to get their hands on the best kinds of natural soaps, often end up not using them well. This might be because they’re unaware that these products are different from the regular. Here are some of the basics on how to take care of natural handmade soap.

Keep it in the Right Place

This is a common rule that applies to all kinds of belongings. When it comes to your handcrafted artisan soap however, you need to take this a hit more seriously. Always choose a proper place in your bathroom where you can place your soap so it is safe and out of your kids reach.  You don’t want anyone meddling with your favourite toiletries, especially the soaps and shampoos you’ve got down with love. Therefore, keep your precious stuff in safe place.

Use a Case

A case is a must-use accessory for your natural soap. One of the main things you would always keep in mind is that these soaps can melt very easily if it sits in a watery puddle. It’s important that you don’t leave your soap on wet surfaces for too long. Pick a good soap case to store it in, which would drain down any water and keep the soap dry.  

Keep it Clean

This is important advice, too, because, not everyone really practices proper hygiene when it comes to their toiletries.  It is easy to have your soaps exposed to dirt, especially when it’s not inside a case. It is not uncommon to find strands of hair, or different stains on the surface of soaps that are left exposed. It’s not just a case that you need, but also care that you should take while you use your soap, and after.

No Sharing

Speaking about hygiene, it is very important that you treat your body soaps as your very own, personal property. No matter what the circumstance, always make it a point that you do not share you some with another. In other words, no one should be touching it or experimenting with it.

Replacing your Soap

One of the basic things you should know when it comes to personal care is the time when you should be replacing your items. This isn’t entirely about keeping track of the dates of manufacture and expiry. In some cases, you might need to replace or discard your personal care items, especially those like natural soaps, a lot earlier than you’d expect.

This again, depends on how well you’ve used or taken care of it. For instance, if you had to shower in a haste and end up leaving your soap sitting in a watery mess, it’s likely to melt away and even become non-usable thereafter. The only option, then, is to have it replaced with a new, fresh one.


If you are completely addicted to a specific type or brand, you can always take it around with you, no matter where you go. Once again, you only need to keep all of the above in mind, and make sure you use your soap well so that it lasts longer with its amazing fragrance spreading in your soul and everywhere it goes!


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