Pro Tips for CCTV installation

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of security cameras. Regardless if you have a residential or commercial property, a device will only work as well as it has been maintained and installed by qualified personnel.

We spoke with a number of business experts for this article to find out what topics they suggest paying attention to when placing security cameras for the best return on that investment. We’ll try to mix their ideas on the subject to our own so you have a full picture of all that needs to be considered before investing any of your company’s assets in such a venture.

The expansion of CCTV video surveillance has become a new trend. These are increasingly commonplace and may be found in practically every company and location imaginable, including near petrol stations, cafes, and even traffic crossings, and are often combined with emerging technology such as cloud technology and automated for increased efficiency.

If you’re a company owner looking for the best safety system for your firm, you should take a look at the latest security camera technology that has lately become available. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages and how they might assist both homeowners and businesses trying to beef up their security.

Set the cameras to the observing area’s specifications

As a general guideline, position your cameras such that they can see the area for which they were designed. Placing them in the edges could result in blind spots and reduce their viewing range.

Concentrate on your lighting requirements

Always make sure the area you’re watching is well-lit for your cameras. In low-light circumstances, a night vision-capable CCTV camera should be used instead. A poorly lighted area to render monitoring impossible or difficult, and it must always be corrected before using a night-time security system to monitor an area.

Install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on any covert entranceways

Burglars can get access through rear windows, rear doors, and basements doors and windows. Make absolutely sure your cameras capture these places to prevent would-be burglars from getting in and activating the burglar alarm before stealing anything.

Look at the front door

Burglars are resourceful, and they may be able to get access to your home through the front entrance. Getting your CCTV installer to place one right above your front door is a must if you want to stay safe.

Use the top surveillance cameras for the job

PTZ cameras are now becoming increasingly common as technology progresses. They do, however, have a lot of rotating parts and a small viewing area, which can be solved by employing a fixed wide-angle lens placed strategically for cover.

If you want a little more flexibility with your surveillance system but don’t need complete 360-degree motion sensor, try pairing one or two PTZ cams with a regular fixed angle security camera configuration so there’s no blind area on any side where someone may slip in unnoticed.

You can use your program to connect 2 surveillance cameras so that if the wide-angle detects motion in a sector you define, the PTZ zooms and turns to record photographs of the event. You’ll be able to assess the footage and keep a watch on the security of your home without needing to be personally present.


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