Pro tips to get your war medallions framed perfectly

“Thank you for your service” is not just any phrase, but a constant reminder of the great dedication a soldier has done to the country, and that’s why military establishments celebrate bravery in the form of medals.

If you’re looking to get the framing done right, the tips in this read would surely help you to get the job done in the perfect possible way.

Avoid choosing just any framing company

Australia is swarming with framing companies in the 2020s. after all, it’s one of the services that fulfill the needs of several types of professionals. But framing medals is a specific type of job. This is due to the 3D nature of what’s being framed other than typical 2D framings and such.

On the flip side, mounting on the pouch inside the frame cannot be done that easily either. Considering all these factors, it’s better to let the experts at service medal framing do the job.

Pay attention to the nature of the owners

A generalized framing company won’t know just how to care they need to be with the medals you hand them; they won’t know the truest sentimental value of them at all. Then who else could possibly know? None other than another veteran.

If you paid attention to some of the best cricketing academies of the country, you’d notice the affiliation of a reputedcricketer, and the same theory applies here as well. Hence, you need to make sure that the owners are just not another businessperson, but a fellow veteran who knows the value of a medal of honor.

Inquire about replicating possibilities

There are some occasions when the medal is too sentimental or valuable to a point where it’s better to keep them untouched, close to your heart. Then there are other situations where you may have all the credentials, but not the medial.

On both these occasions, getting your medallions replicated is the best solution. In fact, replications allow a father to distribute sentimental memorabilia amongst a number of children, keeping the original with them – that’s quite a convince in every single way.

Ask if you could include pictures inside the frame

What if you happened to have photographs from the past that are related to the medal? On an occasion like this, the framing company should be able to include as much as them, but not in just any way, but in a way, they look absolutely creative.

However, knowing the relative placementdepending on the differences of the photographs comes from experience. Thus, the more experienced the framing company is, the better would be the result.

Do not frame them unless restored

This goes without saying – maybe it’s been long enough you made the right decision, but you might be tempted to frame them without restoring them at all. In doing so, there are many safe ways to do it. Discovering them and bringing back life to the medal would surely increase the overall quality.


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