Reasons to Use Preblended Mortar

Ready mixed or preblended mortar is made in different ways. Some are mixed at a plant and delivered to the construction sites in a ready mix truck and others will be made on the construction site itself using mobile mixer trucks. There is also packaged dry mixed mortar that you can purchase from suppliers. This contains a can admixture that is carefully controlled. You can make preblended mortar using lime and masonry or Portland cement.

The main reason that preblended mortar is used over the usual method is because of its convenience. You don’t need to mix mortar on the construction site and it leads to very little mess at the site. And when you are mixing this at the site, you will have to do it in several batches and it is very difficult to maintain consistency throughout all of these batches. But in preblended mortar, you don’t have this issue. Consistency is guaranteed and therefore, the quality of the mortar is higher. You can use the dry mixed mortar for so many applications such as masonry, repairing, decorative work, bonding and plastering. There are also different varieties of mortar that comes with carrying product standards according to your application. This greatly increases your convenience. The preblended mortar is made using special techniques by experienced professional and technical personnel. They are held to a high standard and you can always contact the supplier to obtain the specifications for a certain product.

As the preblended mortar is mixed under supervision by professional and technical staff, there is high adherence to standards and mixing ratios. The specialised equipment used to mix the mortar will ensure that the mortar is prepared perfectly. All raw materials will be mixed uniformly. There is a high degree of accuracy when it comes to using preblended mortar. This level of accuracy cannot be achieved when mixing on site. As it is much faster to work with preblended mortar, you can also reduce working hours and three will not be a waste of materials. As there will not be any quality issues, you don’t need to worry about additional work for rectification. So using preblended mortar can be cost-effective in many aspects.

With dry mixed mortar, all you need to do is add water or any other required liquids to start work. You can adjust the stirring quantity as per your requirements. This will allow you to control the speed of construction and it will help you keep to deadlines. But if you are mixing mortar on site, you will need to purchase all raw materials from different suppliers, find storage space on the construction site to keep them and keep up with inventory. You also need to mix it using the right proportions of materials. And this can take a lot of time. The mixing process is also a labour intensive activity. The staff at the site has to move raw materials from storage to the mixing area and then start combining the right measurements of raw materials. This can be a slow process. So if you are on a tight schedule, preblended mortar is a great option to consider.


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