Selecting a Frame to Property Suit Your Artwork

It can be a bit daunting to select a frame for a beloved artwork. It is not the act of putting it up on a wall; there are many factors to consider as the right frame can make your artwork pop and create a unique décor in your home.

One of the preliminary considerations to selecting a frame is the material of the frame. You can inquire about the aesthetical virtues of wooden or metal framing when you select an expert for professional art framing. The picture you’re framing should play heavily into the decision of the material. Depending on the art style, the frame material may enhance the contents of the art. If you’re looking for a frame that doesn’t draw a viewer’s eye away from the picture, metal frames can be a good option. They can go by unnoticed given the simplicity that you can get from a metal frame. The sleekness of a metal frame can be a statement on its own. This can be used when framing modern artwork letting the art speak on its own. Wooden frames give a more traditional classic look for paintings and photographs with warmth. These can be great when framing art in your bedroom or a cosy living space as a touch of wood always gives an aura of homeliness.

You have to think about the interior design of the space that you’re hanging the frame as well. There are so many frame colours to pick from. You can pick a colour from your artwork and have the frame painted the same to provide emphasis. This could be a colour that is used quite a lot in the painting which will help blend the frame into the picture giving a unique effect. Having the frame painted in a colour that matches a colour you have used as a highlight sparingly in the artwork can also help make the painting pop. You can also use a colour that you already have in your interior design to relate the picture to the room. You have to make sure that the picture complements the setting of the interior space. Choosing a similar colour can be a safe way to play with the framing. You can also go the opposite way and have a dramatic frame for the artwork which includes a colour that is not found in the contents. This will draw the viewer’s eye towards to frame or catch their attention from afar. One of the ways you can do this is by having a gold burnished frame for the art.

Neutral frames can be a good option when you don’t want to make a certain colour pop or to have a dramatic effect. White frames are frequently used because of their timelessness. Black can also be a good colour to complement any artwork. You can also add a mat which will be a bit of a decorative element to the art. Matting can be used for smaller pictures. It can give a tiny look to the display.


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