The Secret (Fashion) Life of Pets

Clothing for pets is by no means a new thing. If you have seen any medieval movie or painting, you must have seen the horses and elephants in brightly coloured clothing, crowns, ornaments and then you get animals with uniforms such as police dogs and so on. These clothes are functional, decorative animal clothing was reserved for the rich. What is new, however, is that today modern pets are becoming a constant in fashion designers’ catalogues. Functional or not, there are indeed a lot of options for outfits when it comes to pets these days and is becoming mainstream fast. Some want to express themselves through their pets or make a statement, some want to match themselves with their best friend and some just want to keep their furry friends warm. For every demand there will be supply.

We are coming full circle it seems by going from functional pet clothing to non-functional and back to functional. This is evident from the founder of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals’ comments like, “Before it was for a cute picture, now it’s more practical. It takes it to a different level, going from being a novelty to understanding how things can be used in everyday life.”When categorized, pet clothing falls mainly into 2 categories; “practical” and “cosmetic” and this article is going to focus on the former.

Practical Fashion for pets

Hoodies are super cute and it insulates the little puppies in cold weather. They can also help keep very anxious breeds of dogs calm. Another practical pet clothing item is the raincoat. Pet raincoats will keep your pet’s fur from getting wet. The poor things will not have to be cold with fur and the benefits for you are avoiding a damp smelling pet and the inconvenience of drying them. Pert shirts and dog jumpers are also a very practical clothing item where the fur that they shed will stick to the shirt itself. This means no situations where you have fur all over the sofas or chairs in your car.

Getting your dog a sweater is also a big favour you can do for him or her, especially if they have lighter skin. They are more prone to get skin cancer. Reducing their exposure to the sun and lowering their risk of skin cancer is big perk of dog sweaters. Dog jackets are also a very functional pet fashion item that insulations, protection from the cold breed is something every dog breed may need.

These can also be used for dogs who suffer from conditions such as authorities and inflammation. Dogs with shorter snouts have been known to be very sensitive to the cold, but in any case, just like dog jackets dog coats are something that any breed of dog can use(or need). As far as functionality and practicalities concerned cooling this are ahead of its curve in technology it is cutting edge in the sense that in very warm or hot weather dogs can be protected from the extreme heat.


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