Things to Know When Going Hot Air Ballooning

Are you thinking about enjoying a hot air balloon ride? Then you definitely need to be ready and aware of what the process is like and what you should and should not do so that you get to enjoy the best possible version of your planned adventure. However, you also have to understand that not everything is in your hands or under your control, especially things like weather for example. However there are things that you can be in control of. And for that reason, here is a quick guide on things that you should know about your upcoming adventure flight.

Pack Lightly Always

The space inside the balloon is going to be quite limited and therefore you should always make sure that you pack only the essentials to take with you. These things will include a few layers of clothing, some sunglasses andclose-toed shoes so that you will not be cold. You also obviously need to pack a camera with you and you should also bring along a hat if you are a person who is over six feet tall so that you are safe from the heat of the burner flames that are fuelling the balloon. You should ideally be consulting a very reputable service provider for something of this sort such as Picturethisballooning. And if that is the case, they will be able to also guide you on all the safety instructions as well.

Once You Get Inside You Will Be Super Comfy

Many passengers to think about going on hot air balloon thinking that they are going to be really cold because of the altitude at which they will be flying. But most of them do not remember that while you may in a situation where the temperature is a few degrees lower, you will definitely have heat from the fuel burner. If you are somebody who is always worried about heights, keep in mind that you will always be in motion at a very relaxed and leisurely rate so there is literally no time for you look down at something fixed and get that swooping sort of feeling in your gut.

There Are No Seats and Bathroom Breaks

Every company that provides the services for these activities will have their very own age restrictions. However it really comes down to one thing; whether or not you can handle standing on your feet for about an hour or two. You will also not be able to get off the balloon mid-flight therefore always be sure to get to the washroom before you take off.

If The Weather Is Bad, All Hope Is Not Lost

Once you all come to the launch site the pilots will spend up to about an hour or so waiting to see if the weather is stable enough for them to take off. The mornings can become kind of cold so make sure that you are wearing a couple of layers at least. The prices for the flights will change according to the season as well and whether or not the demand is high or low.



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