Tips for Renting your First Office Space

Have you finally launched your company off the ground and are looking to expand it to more than just yourself? Then you may have already started to look for an office space. Renting your first office space could be an exciting and stressful decision. You need to be meticulous in choosing a space that will support your team and create a comfortable working environment.

Here are some things to consider when looking to rent that first office space to let your business grow:

What sort of office space are you looking for?

Depending on your business you may have come up with the decision to not go for a dedicated office space. Plenty of entrepreneurs do stick to shared office spaces to cut down on unnecessary costs so you could follow the same path as well. If you feel like your business may need employees to gather together, you can try for a private office space in your area. If you are looking for a space in a busy part of Australia, then a private office space Sydney may be ideal for you.

Location, location, location

This is one of the major concerns when it comes to choosing the right office space. Ensure the office space you are looking for is at a favourable distance for your employees to commute from. While keeping that in mind, make sure you also look for a place where your products or services are most likely to be needed.

Know your budget

The 2nd major concern besides location when it comes to choosing an office space is checking in to its cost. Make sure that you have the finances to fund the building monthly. Have an idea about the budget you can set aside for leasing and don’t go over it no matter how appealing the offer sounds because you may end up finding it difficult to make your payments after a few months.

Does it have the ideal amenities?

It is best that the office space you are looking to rent is close to a restaurant/coffee shop so your employees can enjoy their break and have enough time to energize for a tiring 2nd half of work. If you already have a bunch of clients, make it easier for them to access the location as well. A parking space may be something you happen to overlook so try to find an office that offers a secure parking lot so your team will not have to struggle to find a parking space.

Decide on the layout

You may already have a mental picture on what you wish your office would look like. Think about the style that would best suit your team and the type of business you are running. Rent a place where you are able to bring that mental picture into reality.

These are just the main things you need to look in to when going for that first office space. Prior to signing the lease, take a good look at the condition of the office space as well. With these tips you may be spending quite a few successful years there.


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