Tips to Dress Appropriately To Work

There are certain rules any professional should adhere to if they want to make a great impression at their workplace. While your boss, colleagues or even you yourself might not want to think that such superficial things make a difference, they unfortunately do make a difference on a subconscious level. This can affect the way you are treated, the work is delegated to you, your chance of promotions etc. So it’s time to suit up and look your absolute best, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Studying the Lines

In a modern workplace, there’s been a faster transition to more casual apparel. Understand and implement the specific policy your company works according to from the get-go. If there is a specific dress code, it should be strictly adhered to or you might risk getting fired.

Fitting Clothes

Clothes that are either too tight or too loose can be a distracting factor in the workplace and gives you a shabby appearance. From size zero to plus size corporate wear, make sure you get the most accurate fit and show up with everything looking in place. Remember, we don’t mean just your average clothes but even accessories- a tie that is too short or too long can completely throw your appearance off. Pay attention to the details.

Hair Maintenance

Under no circumstance will you walk into the office with your hair wet. This gives yourself an unkempt appearance- almost as if you haven’t got your life together.


For some, the first thing they notice from the recruitment stage itself is a person’s shoes. After all, a person’s shoes can give away a lot about their character (this is a well-known statement that has spread to the highest of fashion circles and when it comes to professional settings too). Besides, owning a pair of polished, intact shoes give your appearance that edge you need to complete your outfit.

Wear a Watch

Accessorizing your outfit with a watch can really uplift your look and gives you a more classy, sophisticated appearance.

Colour Coding

You can make a good impression with darker coloured clothing since they portray a stronger sense of authority and capability but make sure you don’t look too sombre and unapproachable in the process. The goal here is to gravitate towards rich textures. Also keep in mind that bright, neon colours simply do not belong in a professional work setting as these are too distracting and scream your presence in an uncomfortable manner.

No Over-Accessorizing 

Over-accessorizing can range from a ring on each finger to jingling bangles on each arm. Ideally, your accessories accentuate your appearance instead of overpowering it.

Facial Hair

This one goes out to all the men. Having facial that consumes too much of your face can be a factor to avoid in the workplace. In a professional setting, you would usually look to maintain a trimmed and tidy beard at all times for that sleek look.

These are the 8 most important tips on dressing to impress in a workplace setting. Think neat and tidy at all costs and make sure you represent that thinking in your appearance.


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