Traffic Control Devices: 5 Basic Requirements

Regardless of where you live in the world, you’re probably have noticed the increased number of motorists on the road. While you really can’t gauge the exact number of vehicles in use currently, an average from meta research shows that just in the United States there are close to a quarter of million registered vehicles. Here in Australia we should have something close to that figure too. As the population rises this value will only increase and never decrease.

Traffic Management has been a big problem and with this rise, the need for proper traffic management and control devices are also increasing. From the yield signs and stop signs to the traffic light and markings on the roads, traffic control devices are used to keep motorists safe from each other and ensure that they have a smooth travelling experience. If you’ve ever taken a driving test you would have seen the various type of traffic control devices but what those devices should have in common is that all of the devices should meet 5 requirements.

Requirement 1: Fulfill a Certain Need

This requirement is actually common sense and what this requirement means is that all traffic control equipment should fulfill a need. For example, a stop sign, is used to tell motorists to stop at an intersection where there is no traffic control lights. Without such a sign there is a high chance of accidents happening because the traffic flow will continue without stopping.

No matter the sign, a traffic device should always be present for a reason. All the traffic control companies Melbourne or whichever city they are in should follow these basic requirements when making traffic control devices.

Requirement 2:  Draw attention

After meeting a particular need, a traffic device should be made in such a way that they can attract attention. Even if the device meets a certain need but fails in this requirement then there is no overall use for the device because the chances are the motorists will not see the sign and this can result in an accident.

So, this is why most traffic control devices are painted red and finished with reflective material.

Requirement3: Clear and Concise

The specific need it fulfills should be clearly conveyed because the drive only has a fraction of a second to react. So, having an entire paragraph should is not ideal. The meaning should be conveyed using shapes, numbers of letters.

Requirement 4: Command Respect from Road Users

Just conveying a message isn’t enough when it comes to control devices. They are called control devices because they are supposed to control the traffic and motorists on the road. Most reckless driver do not obey signs and control device. This is the main cause of accidents nowadays.

Requirement 5: Allow Time for Response

For example, a stop sign, should be places at an appropriate distance from the junction so that the motorists have time to observe and take action.


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