What to Check for When Booking a Band for Your Event

Entertainment is an important component you need to consider when planning an event. Live entertainment especially can create a memorable event. They are able to read the room and provide versatile entertainment and you can use live bands for a variety of events.

The first thing you need to do is to decide the type of entertainment that you need for the event. This will help you narrow things down. You may like a jazz band from Blue Avenue or a swing or funk band. The location of the venue has to be considered when you are booking live entertainment as well as the number of people who are attending the event. There are certain things you need to check with the venue such as a stage and good audio visual equipment the band will need. You need to confirm that there is a dedicated space for the band at the venue and how many band members that it can accommodate. Other facilities to check are changing rooms for the band and a place for them to freshen up. The technology and equipment of the venue have to be checked to ensure that the band has everything they require to provide a superior performance.

Some venues have sound limiters that control the sound level. If your venue uses such as device, you need to know the details and specs of it so that you can transfer that information to the band. They will also come with musical instruments that need to be unloaded at the venue. So there should be an area where they can safely do that and park their vehicle. Once you know all the details of the venue facilities to provide the band, you can look for companies that provide bands for hire. You can check with the company website to see whether the bands cover the selection of genres you prefer and whether they will mesh with the theme of the event.

A good way to judge the quality of the band is by listening to their audio tracks. You can check their social media and see whether they have a dedicated page where you can check their videos. It is best if you can see videos of them performing live to get an idea of their presence and performance. This will give you an idea of their presentation and outfits as well. This will help you see whether they will go with the theme of your event. There will be reviews from people who have hired the band before and you can read them and see what their response is. You can ask about the songs they generally cover and whether they can include requests from you as well. There could be requests from the guests on the day of the event. So you need to see how flexible the band is in catering to requests. Most of the time, they will need time to rehearse the songs so you should go over the song list with them beforehand.


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