Why Are Earrings So Important To A Woman?

For centuries, earrings are something that we females were unable to go without, it is as crucial to a woman as her handbag or her lipstick. They could take your outfit, up the fashion ladder to so many levels as it possesses the power that could easily make you stand out amongst a large crowd!

What’s more amazing is that we can go wild with the range of selections out there. There is no limit to the number of earrings or the designs available to experiment with. Most women tend to select earrings that accentuate their best features; for example, someone with a long neck might prefer earrings that dangle over earrings that don’t.

The type of earring you choose towear could be a direct reflection of your personality and your level ofconfidence.

How to Choose the Right Type of Earrings for You

Experimenting is always the best way to figure out your likes and dislikes are and to identify what complements you better than the others.  Earrings come in all shapes, sizes, designs and materials. So how does one recognize the type of earrings that suit them?

First, consider what your best features are or, which qualities of you would you like other people to see first, your eyes, neck, dimples, etc. Once you’ve isolated your favorite, you can commence to the next step: Pick out a pair that makes them stare!

A few examples of earrings that would never go out of style include:

Stone Earrings

Stone earrings are bound to add colour to your life, as they could complement outfits with matching colours, unless contrasting colours are your thing!

Symbolic Earrings

Includes earrings of doves, cross earrings, tree earrings and much more. They tend to deliver an important statement and boost your level of confidence. These are mostly adorned by the hipster population.

Stud Earrings

These earrings mostly come in eithergold or silver, and the range typically starts with a very small size. Thesework well in keeping your look minimalistic and chic.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings include very large and colourful earrings that tend to grab a lot of attention towards them. You might have seen these worn by beautiful models that walk the runway. They tend to come in various geometric shapes.

On that note, apart from earrings you wear daily, some earrings tend tosuit a certain occasion better than other earrings. Additionally, some earringstend to express your mood for the day more clearly than others. Picking outwhat to wear for a particular occasion depends entirely on the type of eventand the outfit that you pick accordingly. Make sure you select something thatenhances your overall look for the day rather than contrasting it.

Bear in mind that you don’t have tostop at any design or size. Try including various types of earrings of allshapes, sizes and materials to your collection and spice it up! That way youcan challenge yourself with all the awesome pieces that you deem worthy of yourmagnificent self.


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